A1 Website Search Engine

A1 Website Search Engine 9.1

Indexes your entire website and builds a site search engine
9.1 (See all)

It will provide your website visitors with a website search engine. This tool will index your entire website and build a site search solution that considers both the content and internal linking on the website. When done, simply FTP upload a few files, and you have a website search engine.

Adding a website search solution to your website will help visitors find what they are searching for on your website. This is in particular useful if the website visitor entered your website through a page not containing what they needed. Having a search engine will help you increase conversions and website functionality, both things important if you sell goods or services online.

This solution will crawl your website (offline or online) and collect all the necessary data. When the crawl has finished, the search engine (including index and data files) can be built in a variety of formats compatible with most websites and web servers.

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